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Ch Oakvue's Miracle TD, JJ, Jake Jr.

Bred by Pat & Alan Dake of Oakvue kennels    Photo by Alan Dake

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Clumbers is the only magazine that gives you all the best information and news about the Clumber Spaniel from around the world - in a fresh, honest, and vibrant format, and richly supported by an extensive array of photos and illustration in each issue!

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Here is a list of books we suggest to further your knowledge of the breed:

"The Aristocrat of Spaniels"  by W.J. Ironside & I.M. Charlesworth

"Clumber Spaniels"  by Jan E. Irving

"Clumber Spaniel"  by Ricky Blackman

"The Clumber Spaniel"  by Peggy Grayson & Rae Furness

"The White Spaniel"  by Jan E. Irving