King Clumber Spaniels

"Where the King's dogs are treated like Royalty"

California Girls - California Dreaming

Emily - King's Sing and Cry

Lana - King's Whispered Tales

D.O.B.  9/7/2006
CH. Casmir's Double UR Pleasure X
INT CH. Spice Twice Athos

PDP1-Normal (Negative)

Lana & Emily live in Walnut Creek California with Harry & Denise Chin.
We are so happy to have our girls in such a terrific, loving home.


Emily and Lana enjoy some time outside on their 5th birthday 2011.


 Emily and Lana tracking something in the garden.

Happy 4th Birthday 2010. The girls know how to Party!!!!

Emily and Lana start their birthday with some quality outdoor time.


 Now its time to PARTY. First a quick picture with Dad Harry.

Then a picture with Mom Denise and a birthday song.  Now its time to chow down!!! OMG an Honest Kitchen Cake!!! This is soooooooo good!!!  Thanks Mom & Dad No leftovers here!!!!!!

Halloween 2009

Emily                                                 Lana

Lana, Emily and Phoebe pose with Harry on his Birthday 2009.

Emily - Easter 2009 2y 7m

Lana - Easter 2009 2y 7m

Emily & Lana Valentine's Day 2009         2y5m

Harry & Denise come to Florida for a visit and get mobbed.  October 2008

ARRRRR!!!! Halloween 2008   (Emily-left  Lana-right)

Lookout!!! There be cannonballs overhead!!!!!!!

ARRRRR!!!!!  False Alarm!!!!!

Lana & Emily Celebrate their 2nd Birthday at the Golden Gate Bridge

Lana & Denise

Emily-left  Lana-right

Harry with his girls


Lana & Emily 21m
Ready to celebrate the 4th of July

Phoebe joins in on the fun!!!!!!

Emily 21m

Lana 21m

Emily 18m- Hey Lana come here!

Lana 18m - What Sis?

Lana (front) & Emily enjoy the start of a beautiful spring day!!!!!
"WHAT CAN WE GET INTO?" SHHHHHH!!!!! Mom's watching.

Quick, chew these sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, No!!! Mom saw us!!!!! Put on these shades!!!!!!!

I look like a Movie Star!!!!!!!   Lana 18m

Busted Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 2008 Valentines Day Story - Emily & Lana 17 months

Lana wants Emily's new Valentine ball!!!!! 
Emily wont give it up!!!!

So Lana goes back searching through the old toy box.

With the old toy in her mouth she dreams of using the
Phoebe is on. Phoebe wont give it up!!!!! The End

The Girls Celebrate Harry's Birthday

Left to right, Denise, Harry, Marcus and Michael.

Emily (left), Phoebe (middle) and Lana (right) can't wait to dig in!!!!!!

Emily & Lana

We weren't digging mommy  :-)

Emily 10 months

Lana 10 months

Look at my Pearly Whites

The girls get their teeth brushed regularly.

Autumn Fun

Is this our Pumpkin??????

The 3 California Rolls
Emily (left), Phoebe (middle) and Lana (right)

Who's out there?

We were looking out the window :-)

California Christmas 2007

Emily & Lana  15 months

Back row left to right: Marcus, Melissa, Michael and Matthew Chin

Front row left to right: Lana, Emily and Phoebe


Harry and Denise get the girls into the Christmas spirit :-)

Emily gets her Drivers License

Emily prepares to back out of the Garage as Phoebe the more

experienced driver gives instructions from the passenger seat.

Cousin Smokey looks game but Lana looks concerned!!!!!

Lana & Emily Graduate Obedience School Woo Woo